Does my business need a website?

I got my first taste of the Internet 15 years ago when my family bought our first computer.  It was a world of information then, so much so that once I discovered Google; I lost the interest in my 2 favourite information CD’s; Britannica Encyclopedia and Encarta.

Since then the Internet has evolved at super speed, along the way it’s built businesses and taken many out.  So, the question is does my/your business need a website?

Internet facts

  • 2.2 Billion People from all over the world now have access to the Internet
  • That’s 32% of the world’s population.
  • People spend on average 16 hours per week online and that’s increasing due to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

By having a website for your business you will without a doubt have the largest possible audience base.  This gives you the potential to not only conduct business in your chosen country, but if you ever wanted to trade internationally the option is there.  As more time is spent on the Internet and more devices are offering the Internet such as your home TV, it’s going to be even more important to have some sort of presence online.

High-speed communication

  • There are 2.8 Million emails being sent per second around the world
  • An email on average travels at 299million miles per second
  • The best search engines can deliver results in less than 30 seconds

Your website can open doors to the fastest form of communication with your customer.  Through the use of email, online forms, comment sections, social media you will be able to respond and interact with customers as well as potential investors quicker than ever.  Your business will also gain a 24 hours 365 day presence, so no matter what time it is you could have a potential customer checking out your website.  Your business will also benefit from less phone enquiries, as people may find the information they’re looking for on your website or they can simply send you a message, which you can strategically reply to in order to get gain a new customer.

Out with the old in with the new

The world is essentially becoming lazier and to have the convenience of getting answers in less than a second is more appealing than ever.

Gone are the days of searching through those pale yellow pages of the popular business directory left on our doorsteps.  There’s no need to go out and buy your local newspaper to find out who’s your local plumber.  The internet and websites have become the primary source of information when it comes to sourcing a business these days, not only can you find them at super speeds, you can also read reviews before you make your decision.   It’s no surprise that most people now do their research online before making a decision to purchase.

Up to date credibility

As useful as current print marketing is, there’s always the problem of having to re-print when you have a new offer or there’s been a change to you business information.  With a website these changes can be made as often as you want and with speed and simplicity.

Businesses are now judged for authenticity and credibility through the presence of having a website.  The everyday consumer and even investors such as your bank manager will look at your website to obtain trust.

By having a website you will be able to keep up and ahead of your competitors.  There are many ways to implement a do it yourself online marketing campaign that will not only cost less than you traditional print advertising, you will also be able to measure your campaign success rate and adjust for future campaigns.

Join the information revolution

So, the answer to the question “Does my business need a website?” is yes.  Never has there been such a tool to share and bring in new customers.  We have seen in the few years of the Internet being around businesses that have flourished and ones that have plummeted.  This is due to the fact that the smaller newer up to date with technology companies have given the large corporate businesses a run for their money.  Your small business can make a large presence online; it’s been proven time and time again.  A website for a new business could be the catalyst to success in a time where all businesses are struggling.  So don’t wait around and let your competition sprint ahead of you, start looking into a website for you business along with adapting a regular online marketing strategy.